Not a Nut to Be Salty At: US Pistachio Outlook 2021/22-2025/26

Global pistachio production set a record in 2020/21, but lower production is expected for 2021/22, resulting from alternate bearing patterns in the US and Turkey, along with a reported weather-shocked crop in Iran. Yet some expect the US crop to have an outstanding ‘off year.’ The US shipment outlook seems favorable given reduced competition in international markets from lower-than-normal production out of Middle Eastern countries and enhanced demand propelled by economic recovery, both domestically and in key destination markets.

This report provides proprietary estimates of production, shipments, and prices for US pistachios for the 2021/22-2025/26 period. US pistachio production is projected to continue setting new records in years to come. Under normal economic and growing conditions, US pistachio shipments are expected to keep pace with expanding US supplies, and the price outlook remains positive. Industry-wide challenges and opportunities exist going forward.