Reinventing the ABCDs: Strategic Shifts Beyond Meat, Grains, and Oilseeds

Alternative meat is not only on consumers’ minds in many parts of the world; it has also positively influenced investors’ bank accounts, after Beyond Meat's shares have partly surged by over 800% since the company went public in early May.


Bunge Ventures reported USD 135m net unrealized gains in Q2 2019, or 36% of the firm’s total adjusted segment EBIT. This is more than 80% of what the company’s largest business unit, made this quarter – and even more than Bunge’s >USD 2bn investment in Brazilian sugar ever saw in one quarter, or in total (since 2012, sugar has amassed a total loss of USD 280m). In September, Beyond Meat’s market cap, at ~USD 10bn, exceeded Bunge’s by a third, and it’s almost half that of ADM. This isn’t only leading G&O participants to wonder if meat-free burger patties are worth more than their global supply-chain network; it also accelerates their strategic portfolio review.