Swimming in a Crowded Market: Opportunities in Asian Aqua Feed Industry Remain

Asia remains an attractive market for investments in aqua feed, given its large market size, growth potential, and general trends toward industrialization.

However, according to the report ‘Swimming in a Crowded Market,’ Rabobank expects that future consumption growth will be constrained by the slowing growth in regional aqua farming production, as a result of limited natural resources and stricter environmental regulations.

This provides opportunities for industrialization and innovation along the value chain, in which aqua feed players can play a crucial role and achieve value growth. Asian aquaculture needs to offer more value-added options. Quality, food safety, and traceability will be increasingly emphasized.

Rabobank also projects an increasing use of plant protein meals and other protein sources to replace fish meal in aqua feed formulas. To achieve more sustainable, but cost-effective aqua farming, more R&D efforts are needed on feed formulation, genetic improvement, and animal health.