Grains & Oilseeds Sector Team

Global Strategist

  • Stephen Nicholson

    Global Strategist – Grains & Oilseeds, Farm Inputs

    Stephen Nicholson is the Global Sector Strategist for Grains & Oilseeds and Farm Inputs.

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Australia & New Zealand

  • Stefan Vogel

    General Manager – RaboResearch Australia & New Zealand

    Stefan is the General Manager of RaboResearch Australia & New Zealand, working to provide unparalleled knowledge, insight, and value to clients across Australia and New Zealand and around the globe.

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  • Vítor Caçula Pistóia

    Grains & Oilseed Analyst

    Vítor Caçula Pistóia works as an agriculture analyst in Sydney, covering land values, fertilizer, and crop protection products.

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  • Lief Chiang

    Senior Analyst - Grains & Oilseeds, Farm Inputs

    Within RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness, Lief Chiang is focusing on Grains & Oilseeds and Farm Inputs. Lief has over 15 years of work experience in agriculture-related industries. He is located in Shanghai.

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  • Oscar Tjakra

    Senior Analyst - Asia

    Based in Singapore, Oscar provides coverage on grains & oilseeds in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

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Europe & Africa

  • Vito Martielli

    Senior Analyst - Grains & Oilseeds

    Within RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness, Vito is focusing on the grains, meat and vegetable oils sectors.

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North America

  • Andrick Payen

    Analyst – Grains & Oilseeds

    Andrick covers grains & oilseeds in North American markets. Having a strong quantitative background, he supports RaboResearch's efforts in developing proprietary research and analytical tools.

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  • Owen Wagner

    Senior Analyst – Grains & Oilseeds

    Owen is a Senior Grain & Oilseed Analyst focused on North American markets. Owen’s 20-year agricultural career has spanned commodities, geographies, and functions within industry, trade associations, and the public sector. He has worked directly with both farmers and senior leadership of leading agribusiness firms and cooperatives.

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South America

  • Marcela Marini

    Senior Analyst – Grains & Oilseeds

    Marcela is a senior grains & oilseeds analyst based in São Paulo.

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