World Grains & Oilseeds Map 2021: New Demand Drivers, Political Tensions, and Weather Volatility

In the five years up to 2019/20, the global trade volume of all grains and oilseeds increased by about 120m metric tons at a 3.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). However, the pace of growth decreased when compared to the 6% CAGR, or 160m metric tons, of the previous five years. Although oilseed complex (oilseed, meal, and oil) prices declined during this period, the upside in grain prices, coupled with the total trade volume increase, resulted in a 17% increase in the total value of flows.

Report summary

Income and population are expected to continue to drive long-term growth in trade flows, while changes in consumer dietary habits might cause further shifts in those flows. Moreover, the growing movement toward protectionism could undermine the benefits of international trade, which is crucial to food security.

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