Holy Guacamole: Increased EU Avocado Consumption Is No Picnic for Suppliers

Avocado consumption is rising rapidly in Europe. Consumption has been propelled by the healthy eating trend, the avocado’s rise to fame on Instagram and other social media, and, last but not least, the increased availability of tasty and convenient ready-to-eat avocados. But- suppliers have to work very hard to keep up with growing demand.

this the picture of guacamole and an avocado

In the last decade, the EU availability of avocados has increased by nearly 150 percent and is estimated at just below 1 kilogram/capita at this moment. Just for comparison: according to the USDA, US consumers eat roughly three times this volume per person per year. EU avocado consumption is not likely to quickly close the gap with the US in terms of per capita use. As European avocado production is limited (Spain produces around 70,000 tonnes), the EU remains dependent on global availability. Most of the avocados consumed in the EU are imported from Peru, Chile, South Africa, Israel, and Mexico. 

EU avocado imports , 2004-2017f


Sourcing avocados for the EU market will become increasingly challenging in the coming years, not only in terms of quantity but also when it comes to quality and sustainability. Food retailers are becoming more demanding in terms of good agricultural practices, such as labour ethics and the environmental impact of production and transportation. In addition, the enormous Asian market has just discovered the avocado’s perks and is likely to lay claim on more and more supply from the large exporting countries.

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