Carb-itrage: The Evolving Market for Sugar Substitution

Rising concern about obesity and diabetes in recent years has thrown the spotlight on sugar consumption. Consumers pay ever more attention to their consumption of sugar and calories, while food & beverage companies commit themselves to sugar-reduction targets for their product portfolio. A number of governments have implemented, or have considered implementing, extra taxation on high-calorie drinks and food.

In this report, we consider the alternative sweetener sector, which should benefit from these trends. We examine the evolution of the sugar substitutes themselves and consider how the positioning of various players in the value chain – sweetener developers, ingredients players, sugar players, and food manufacturers – influences their response to the trend towards sugar reduction.

  • Andy Duff

    Head of RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness - South America; Global Strategist - Sugar
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  • Ruud Schers

    Senior Analyst
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