Sugar Quarterly Q3 2017: Test of faith

​Raw sugar futures (basis March 2018 contract) spent most of Q3 2017 in a USc 14.0 – USc 15.0/lb, range, but have slipped below USc 14.0/lb as the quarter draws to a close.

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Report summary

Any support for prices arising from more Indian imports or hurricane damage to crops in Florida and the Caribbean appears to have been offset by the possibility of increased exports from Pakistan, a big EU crop, reduced imports by China, and an upward revision to Brazilian output. 

Producers looking to make progress in pricing world market sales for 2018 are faced with some tough decisions—accept what is on offer now or keep waiting for a rally that may or may not happen.

  • Andy Duff

    Head of RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness - South America; Global Strategist - Sugar
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  • Susanti Wang Zhiqing

    Analyst - Sugar, Grains & Oilseeds
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  • Charles Clack

    Commodity Analyst
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  • Georgia Twomey

    Analyst - Commodities
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  • Ruud Schers

    Senior Analyst
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  • Andrick Payen

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  • Stephen Nicholson

    Senior Analyst - Grains & Oilseeds
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