Piotr Matys

EM Strategist

Piotr has been covering Central Eastern European Emerging Markets for almost a decade.

Before he joined Rabobank in July 2014 to expand the EM FX coverage, Piotr worked as an analyst for an independent research company 4Cast Ltd where he covered Turkey, Russia and other economies in the CEE region. As a qualified technical analyst, Piotr blends fundamentals with technicals to identify trends in the financial markets. Such an approach has allowed Piotr to be one of the most accurate EM FX forecasters, according to Bloomberg polls. Piotr tends to have a contrarian view on the markets, which has been validated on previous occasions. Most recently, he correctly predicted a brief respite for the CEEMEA currencies following a turbulent 2015 and also that the Turkish central bank would start cutting rates against the predominant view in the market of unchanged monetary policy.

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