RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets

RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets

  • Jan Lambregts

    Head of RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets

    Jan oversees a worldwide team of analysts and strategists who cover macro, foreign exchange, govvies, SSAs, ABS, covered bonds, credit research on financials and agri commodities for key clients.

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Macro Strategy

  • Elwin de Groot

    Head of Macro Strategy

    Elwin is heading the macro strategy team consisting of strategists covering the global economy and markets. His personal focus areas include the European economy and financial markets.

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  • Philip Marey

    Senior Macro Strategist - US

    As a Senior US Strategist Philip is responsible for Rabobank’s US outlook and makes frequent media appearances.

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  • Mauricio Une

    Senior Macro Strategist - Brazil

    Mauricio heads the local GEM research team covering the macro outlook essentially for Brazil.

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  • Renan Alves

    Macro Strategist - Brazil

    Renan covers macroeconomic variables that are key components of Rabobank’s outlook on Brazil.

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  • Teeuwe Mevissen

    Senior Macro Strategist

    As a Senior Macro Strategist Teeuwe Mevissen is responsible for the Dutch (mid-) corporate client base. As such he writes the Dutch daily comment and gives client presentations on a broad range of topics.

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  • Michael Every

    Global Strategist

    Michael Every is a Global Strategist at Rabobank. He analyses major developments and contributes to the bank’s various economic research publications for internal and external customers and to the media.

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  • Bas van Geffen

    Senior Macro Strategist

    Bas focus is on the European Central Bank, Eurozone and money markets.

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  • Stefan Koopman

    Senior Macro Strategist - UK, Eurozone

    Stefan covers the UK, Brexit and global themes.

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  • Erik-Jan van Harn

    Macro Strategist

    Erik-Jan covers the Eurozone economies, with a special focus on Germany and France.

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  • Maartje Wijffelaars

    Senior Macro Strategist

    Maartje covers the Eurozone economies, with a particular focus on Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal

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  • Ben Picton

    Senior Macro Strategist

    Ben Picton is Senior Macro Strategist for the RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets team in Sydney. He is responsible for providing strategic economic research for Australia and New Zealand including interest rates and economic projections. Ben also works closely with the Australian and New Zealand RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness team.

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  • Molly Schwarz

    Markets Strategy Analyst

    Molly Schwartz is a Markets Strategy Analyst for the Global Economics & Markets team and is based in New York. She focuses on building our macro cross-asset strategy product. She also works closely with the Global Economics &Markets research teams covering interest rates, currencies, and commodities.

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Rates Strategy

  • Richard McGuire

    Head of Rates Strategy

    Head of Rates Strategy Richard McGuire is Head of Rates Strategy for Rabobank, a position he holds since Dec 2010.

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  • Lyn Graham-Taylor

    Senior Rates Strategist

    Lyn Graham-Taylor is a Senior Rates Strategist for Rabobank and joined the bank in May 2011.

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Foreign Exchange

  • Jane Foley

    Head of FX Strategy

    Jane is Rabobank’s strategist responsible for the G10 currencies.

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  • Christian Lawrence

    Senior Strategist

    Christian works for Rabobank in New York as a Senior Cross-Asset Strategist focusing on currencies and interest rates.

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Credit Markets

  • Matthew Cairns

    Head of Credit Strategy & Regulation

    Matt heads up the Credit Strategy & Regulation team, which covers Financials Credit, ABS, covered bonds, SSAs, regulation and Dutch pension funds.

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  • Bas van Zanden

    Senior Pension Analyst

    Bas joined Rabobank in 2017 to cover the Dutch pension sector.

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  • Cas Bonsema

    Senior ABS & Covered Bond Analyst

    Cas Bonsema is part of the Credit Strategy & Regulation team and covers European Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) and covered bonds, with a focus on (Dutch) RMBS and Dutch covered bonds.

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  • Paul van der Westhuizen

    Credit Analyst - Financials

    Paul covers European financials. He specialises in the senior unsecured and (hybrid) capital part of the debt capital stack, combining a top-down and a bottom-up approach, with a particular focus on Benelux banks and insurers. Besides market developments he also covers regulation of banks and insurers across Europe.

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Energy Markets

  • Joe DeLaura

    Energy Strategist

    Joe DeLaura has over a decade of experience trading physical and financial crude oil and products, specializing in options.

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  • Florence Schmit

    Energy Strategist

    Florence Schmit is a strategist in the Global Economics & Markets team based in London, focusing on European natural gas and power markets.

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Agri Commodity Markets

  • Carlos Mera

    Head of Agri Commodities Markets

    Within RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets, Carlos serves as the Head of the Agri Commodities Markets team in London.

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  • Michael Magdovitz

    Senior Commodity Analyst

    Michael Magdovitz works in the Agricultural Commodities Markets Research team based in London.

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  • Paul Joules

    Commodities Analyst

    Paul works in London as a Commodities Analyst for the Agri Commodity Markets Research team.

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Jan Lambregts

Telephone +44 (0)20 76649669